Monday, October 8, 2012

September Counterfeit Kit wrap-up.

The story so far . . . 

Way back in August, I put together a Counterfeit Kit which included LOTS of  off-cuts.  When September rocked around, I knew I had a pretty busy month ahead, and also that I didn't feel like my August kit was "finished".  I therefore decided to do a smaller "add-on" kit, and see how I went.  I actually had ridiculously high hopes of that stack of off-cuts whittling away to nothing, but life kind of got in the road of that particular plan, as it has a habit of doing . . .

Here's one page I did finish but hadn't posted yet:

 Here's what I guess you would call a "page kit" I've kept out for a skateboard-themed page for Rohan.  I'm still undecided about that misted shape - whether to keep it, ditch it, or alter it somehow (ahh, the randomness of home-made mists, especially if you forget to test it first!)

Finally, Maddy and I had a bit of fun making some mini-notebooks.  I'd first gotten the idea from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, here, although there are plenty of other versions out there. 

For the pages, I used some old half-used exercise books that came home from school last year.  I like to keep a few around for notes to school etc, but thought this would be a fun way to re-purpose them. All the larger pieces of cardstock and thicker papers were fair game to be used as covers.  All the die-cuts I used were either left-overs from previous projects, or cut from the scraps in my kit.

  Like Elsie, I used embroidery cotton to hold my books together.  I added washi tape as seam binding to some books and left the others plain.

I loved both sides of this paper, so I used both positive and negative of this shape!

Yes, a few butterflies did flutter on down!

Maddy took the "mini" in the mini-notebook idea very seriously.  I couldn't find hers to take a photo, so check back in a couple of days and I'll hopefully have updated with a picture of her gorgeously tiny creations.


  1. What a great group of projects! Part of the fun of doing counterfeit kits is having leftovers to use and combine later. I actually just de-kitted all my prior months, just to get cleaned up, but I'll end up with a stash of kits again in no time. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Those are great! Love the mini notebooks! What a great way to use those scraps!

  3. For both August and September kits, I used up the last bits making 3x4, Project Life style, journal cards. I will most defiantly do it again.

  4. Oh I love all the minis!! Awesome job using up kits!

  5. Love your page, all those papers tucked around the photo really add to it. And the notebooks looks like such fun. You are crafty busy at your house these days!