Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's a bizarre alternate universe I'm living in at the moment.  We expect to be called back down to Canberra any day for a funeral and it keeps not happening.  I look forward to time spent at home catching up and I get called down to the Preschool for work. And when I am at home, the uncertainty of exactly how we're getting down to this funeral (I'm at home with the boys while Rob and Maddy are down with his Dad) not to mention the sadness of the whole situation is kind of doing my head in and I'm not functioning very efficiently.

Here is a page I did manage to get finished amidst the craziness, based on this month's sketch from Scrapbook Supplies Online.

Challenge #1 at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is a quilt-inspired one, and I thought those squares of patterned paper had a real patchwork feel to them.

Remember when I said that  I wasn't sure how much I liked some of the individual sheets in the Everyday Eclectic collection?  Well the paper I used as the background of this one was number one on the list: repeating patterns of cameras on one side, grid of "fairground" photos on the other.  Rather than leaving it languishing in my stash until next century, I added it to my kit and was determined to use it as soon as possible! And I did!

This is a photo that I've passed over many time recently as not being "scrapworthy".  But not this time - maybe because we are faced with the mortality of a loved one right now, or maybe just because I'm aware of my children growing up and moving to the next stages of their lives.  The sight of my three children playing at a park together, once an almost weekly event, is understandably a very rare event these days, so I wanted to make a page acknowledging that fact, and reminding myself to appreciate the everyday moments.

My "plus one" for this page is the length of braid, my DIY mini letter stickers, and some stamping. The layered butterfly embellishment is my third attempt at filling that spot - I'm happy with how it eventually turned out!

Thanks so much for dropping by!

P.S. If you're visiting from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, scroll on down to the previous post, that page was made using my kit also.


  1. This is great! Love your take on the sketch and the quilted background!

  2. Super page, hope you de-stressed while making it! I think some photos like this are just perfect for inpired-by journalling - that photo will no doubt prompt memories for the kids later on too.

  3. Love how you used that paper - it does have a quilt like quality to it. I could have swore I already posted here, so sorry if there are duplicates. I guess that just means your layout was doubly-good!

  4. Great job with the challenge! I love the little butterfly embellie.