Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I spy . . . a Daddy and a baby

I wonder if you spotted the two very specifically themed papers I included in my February Counterfeit Kit, "Never Be Seen"?

Can you see them in the bottom right hand corner?  Two papers covered in definitions, one for a baby boy and one for a dad.

So the theme of today's pages should come as no surprise!   Nothing very special in terms of page construction, but precious in terms of photos and memories!

I love the top photo of Robert, with the clock in the background, which I took minutes after Angus was born.  And the look on his face in the bottom photo as he looks at his second-born is also so special (Me - I'm not looking so crash hot!)

This page is almost 100% Counterfeit Kit, with just the addition of a piece of map-patterned tissue paper which actually came with a box of shoes!  (Or did I add the cardstock stickers too?)


You've seen the Dad, now here's the baby . . .

As these pages will face each other in the family album, I used some of the same elements again.  This time the layer that I added was a piece of muslin. 

I had to dig through my old photo boxes to find the negative for this photo, as it's from pre-digital days.  The little bits of negative peeking out will be a permanent reminder! (Don't worry, they were just the blank bits of negative from the end of the roll, no precious memories destroyed here!)

I really struggle to scatter buttons on a page that looks good, so I tried a trick that I learnt from MercyTiara on Youtube, which is to splatter some mist underneath where your buttons will sit on the page.  I'm not sure how well you can see that in the photos, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!


  1. They will look really nice next to each other in your album. I love using muslin :-) so tactile!

  2. What precious photos!!! I especially love the ones that you captured of "daddy". The muslin on the second page is perfect for a soft baby photo! Great work on these!!!

  3. Fabulous pages!!! Love the idea of splattering paint/ink wherever you are going to place buttons, I'll have to give that a try!!