Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Counterfeit Kit Wrap-up - and the final verdict on those scrap cardstock backgrounds.

As you might or might not recall, I constructed my January Counterfeit Kit pretty quickly, on the grounds that it was school holidays and I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to use it.  Here's the last two pages I managed to put together with it since school's gone back:

This "bookweek" page is made using the last (and possibly most intimidating) of my scrap cardstock backgrounds.  To be honest, when I first made them, I wasn't sure how successful they were.  Not that I didn't like them, but I'm always a bit nervous making something without an end result in mind.  What if I never use it and it just sits in my stash for all eternity?  But I've used all five and am happy to say I might repeat the process again. I love how you can make what is really quite a simple page and it looks like that much more effort has been put in!

Ah, Hamish, what a beautiful puppy you were!  Not that he's not still a beautiful dog, now, of course!  But that soft, fluffy, puppy coat!  This is one of my favourite all time photos of him and I think I've managed to do it justice on this page.

All the papers and wood veneers on this page were from the kit.  I've added some clusters of goodies from Pink Paislee I won from Jennifer's Jumbles last year (Hi Jennifer!).

Lastly I added some ribbon, and some of my first attempt at a DIY-washi-style tape.  I hope to perfect the technique and I'll share it with you then.

So from a kit that ended up containing 6 sheets of patterned paper, 5 scrap cardstock backgrounds and one sheet of journalling cards I'm left with:

 a nice amount of paper left, and most of the journalling cards.

I'm thinking I might keep it all together for a bit longer, as I've another page in the pipeline.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll leave a message to let me know you've been!

P.S. I loved that page of Hamish so much, I've linked this page to the Layout Love Linky at, so welcome, if you've found me from there!


  1. Hi back at you! Your first page is lovely and colourful, and I totally adore the puppy one, party because I do love the Portfolio ephemera (I'm glad you're enjoying using it!), but also because the puppy photo is super adorable, and I like the ribbon through your tags! x

  2. Your layout is fabulous!! I love the embellishment clusters and can't wait to hear about the homemade washi!!!

  3. So much eye candy here! Thank you also for linking up with #LLL at!!!

  4. wow you've been busy with your kit! Love the blocked colours in the first one, and the second one is just darling! What a cute cute cute pic!

  5. Love the stitching on your first page! And your puppy is way adorable! Love the soft colors you've used to scrap him!

  6. Your page about Hamish is absolutely delightful! I love it.

  7. beautiful the colors and your puppy is so cute!