Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Counterfeit Kit

There's been a bit too much shopping and not enough crafting around here lately, but the good news is, it's the start of the month, and that means Counterfeiting time!

I have to confess, the inspiration kit from Studio Calico didn't really do anything for me . . .

Undeterred, I wrote myself a list of some elements which appeared in the kit:
  • grid
  • clouds
  • grey and white
  • yellow floral
  • pink with dots
  • text paper
  • orange watercolour
  • vellum shapes
  • pops of gold
  • ferns
Then I went looking for papers that matched any item on my list. . .

Which gave me a rather large and not-particularly related pile of papers.  So next I went looking for a multi-coloured paper or two that would tie some paper together into a collection.  I came up with 5 candidates . . .

At this point it became obvious to me that some of my papers had a bright, white base, while others had a distinctly off-white base.  Which led me to separating the papers out into two piles . . .

. . . and after some shuffling papers in and out, and adding in a few embellishments (largely from a couple of recent purchases that I had not yet put away, and some bulkier items from my "flat embellishment" folder) and before I knew it, I had not one, but two kits, looking almost exactly unrelated to the original inspiration!

Introducing my first kit, September showers

 I recently bought a Crate Paper "best of" pack online and special.  Have you seen one of those thing?  I didn't grasp until it came in the mail just how much paper 180 sheets of paper actually is!!  So I was pretty keen to include a lot of those papers and cut-aparts in this kit.  Of course, being in a bargain pad means they are also very thin, so I made sure to include some other papers and vanilla cardstock as well.

I've called my second kit "Spring Flowers", and here it is:

This second kit has a much fresher, more whimsical feel, giving me no excuse to not have something to play with (I hope!)


So what do you think? Which kit would you rather play with?  Or more importantly, what items from your own stash are you pulling out to play with this month?  Have fun!


  1. Oh my! Lovely, lovely kits (both look amazing.) You are definitely going to have enough to play with this month, aren't you? x

  2. What a creative solution! I'll take both, please - hehe!

  3. I've been using a lot of white cardstock lately so my choice would be the Spring Flowers kit but Crate Paper is irresistible to me so I like the September Showers kit too! Very good idea to make separate kits based off of cream and white - I'd definitely enjoy working with both of them. You really have some lovely pieces in them.

  4. Wow! You are going to be busy. I love both of them. I think possible the 2nd one appeals to me more.Cute frames and feathers.

  5. Both Kits are beautiful and should keep you busy scrapping. It's just a matter of which one to use!
    Cindy F

  6. Great kit! Love those patterned papers and stamps!

  7. Now THIS is a kit!!! Drooling over all those goodies, you're going to have a great time creating this month. Can't wait to see your layouts!

  8. I'm with you, definitely too much shopping and too little crafting lol. Love your kit combos, looks like you've got some crafty time ahead!

  9. Love, love, love this large kit!!!