Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Product challenge to self #1: Slide mounts

Last time I posted, I alluded to the fact that lately I have been focusing on using my paper stash, more so that all the other bits and pieces in my stash (especially since I got my Silhouette!). So, with only two months left of the year, I thought I would challenge myself to get some more use out of a wider variety of products.  There are products that have been sitting totally neglected in boxes or drawers, others I have a lot of and would like to try some more varied ways to use them. Here's the list I came up with (no particular order):
  • vellum
  • slide mounts
  • 6" pads
  • metal birds
  • other metal
  • chipboard
  • ribbon
  • flowers
  • paint
  • eyelets
  • stamps
  • buttons
  • ribbon-threading punch
Here's what I've come up with first, using (drum roll please) slide mounts!

I have a little drawer which contains only slide mounts and other small frames.  I'm not sure why I bought as many as I did, probably inspired by some long-forgotten project in a magazine.  I have used some over the years, but the trick with these guys if to find something small enough to frame!  On the card above, the easy solution was to frame a sentiment.  for a bit of fun I added butterfly wings on either side.
And here's a peek at the page I did for Maddy's birthday party earlier this year.  Butterflies again, but this time they are bursting out of the frames.   Hmmm . . . that works . . . wonder how else I could use that idea?


  1. What a fantastic way to use up the slide mounts, they worked perfectly on your card and layout.

  2. Love your creative mind, Julie! Cool idea!