Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Product challenge to self #2: metal birds and 6" pads (and scrapbook packaging)

This morning there was a two-hour teachers strike, and I ended up keeping one child home for the rest of the day with dizziness and headaches.  Which meant the things I had planned to go out and do were either condensed or cancelled.  I could have used that extra time to catch up on some housework, or maybe to work on my last TAFE assignment.  What I actually ended up doing, was scrapbooking . . .
The current challenge at Let's Scrap (challenge 119) is to interpret a LS sketch incorporating some scrapbooking packaging.  Not having done a lot of spending recently, I don't have a lot of cute packaging lying around, but when I bought a Fancy Pants stamp set last year I did save the packaging, for the over-sized scalloped edging, which I thought would be fun to use someday.  That day has arrived!

I bought a little package of 10 metal birds at the craft show I went to earlier this year.  I was determined to use them before they turned into "old" supplies.  The tree on this sketch gave me the perfect excuse . . .truth be told, I'm not 100% sold on the colours on this page, but it's a story I wanted to tell, so I'm calling it a finished page and moving on  . . .

When I posted a few months ago about some cards I made using 6" pads, a lovely reader made the comment that it was a great idea to use 6" pads for cards.  Oh wow. Cards is pretty much all I have ever used them for . . . I thought about this again recently, when the presenter on a Two Peas video commented that she liked using 6" pads on her scrapbook pages because the patterns were . . . I think the word she used was "tighter". Enough said, and the Monday Mixer sketch at Colorful Creations looked like the perfect place to practice using 6" pads on a scrapbook page.
By a happy co-incidence, I ended up using the same packaging and some more metal bird on this page also.  I painted them this time; can you tell which one of these birds used to be hot pink?

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