Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two thankyou cards, and Make your own mini alpha sticker tutorial

I sent my final TAFE assignment in this week (hooray!) and my last day at the school at which I have been doing my placement is Monday. Here are the thank you cards that I've made for the two teachers I've been working with:

The Marvy Markers got a workout this week, which was nice.  For the male card, I took my starting point as this week's ColourQ colour scheme.


For the female card, I took Shimelle's challenge to make a card with a circle design in the centre.  I am really, really happy with this card!  And yes, they are the letter stickers I'm talking about.  So if you're interested, read on . . .

DIY mini alpha sticker tutorial
Step 1: In a word document, type out a full set of letters, numbers and whatever characters you want to use. YOU get to choose how many of each letter you would like, how many upper- and lower-case etc.  But don't go too crazy, you can always print them out later.  You'll want to have a space between each letter and a line space between each line.

Step 2: That's the tedious bit out of the way.  Now you can copy and paste to make as many sets as will fit on one page.  Make each set a different font and/or point size.  If you're clever, you might want to label each set at this point .  I didn't think of this until later, so I hand wrote it in the margin.  (Don't forget to save the document for future use!)

Step 3: Print out onto thin cardstock.  I printed mine onto white cardstock I bought especially for the printer.  You could of course print onto coloured cardstock, or change your font colour, but again, don't go crazy, you only need to print them out just before you plan to use them.

Step 4: Use your trimmer to cut between each row of letters.  I left a bit at the end so they are all still attached.

Step 5: Run a length of double-sided tape across the back of each row

Step 6: Now it's just a matter of cutting out each letter as you need it.  If you run out of a particular letter, you can always print more out!
Step 7: Store each font sent in a separate zip-lock bag.


  1. Lovely man card, Julie! Thanks for joining us at the ColourQ this week.

  2. Love the layout of your card! Thanks so much for playing along with us at the ColourQ this week!

  3. Great use of the colors! Thanks for playing at ColourQ this week!

  4. How sweet of you to make cards for your teachers! Both are so pretty, and I love the scattered leaves you stamped on the panels on the first one. Thanks for joining us this week at the ColourQ!