Monday, December 5, 2011

Product challenge to self: sue's RAK

Life for me, at this time of year (like the rest of you) gets pretty hectic. I thought finishing TAFE would give me a bit of breathing space, but no sooner had I finished, the school I've been doing my placement at offered me 7 days casual work!
So it's only now I'm getting around to telling you that I had a bit of a winning streak last month, winning two challenges in a row at Let's Scrap, as well as the monthly sketch challenge at my local scrapbook store!
To the right you can see the lovely goodies I received from Sue, and you'll see how I've already used some of the flowers in a moment.

Here are the lovely My Mind's Eye stamps I received for the second challenge.  I am so excited, they are just the sort of versatile stamps I can see myself using over and over again!

Here is the first page I made using Sue's flowers:  it's the sort of story to warm any crafty mother's heart.  If you've been following my blog you may have already seen some of Maddy's lovely creations and know that she loves to join me for a bit of paper-crafting goodness.  Because of this page, I will never forget how proud i was when I saw her ink her edges for the first time - I'm not sure if it's a skill I taught her in a formal sense, or whether she just picked it up by watching.  Either way, she's a natural!

Did you notice I used the same letter stickers to make my title as she was using in the photos?  And yes, I did ink the edges with the same shade of ink as well!

This page was inspired by Shimelle's weekly sketch last week.  I started it between finishing work Friday (I finish at one) and picking up the kids from their school, then finished in bits and pieces over the weekend.

These photos were taken during our Christmas card photo shoot 3 years ago, the year Maddy had a broken arm.  I love that, other than the flowers from the RAK, everything on this page is very much from the stash.  Behind every single one of those circles at least one element has been cut and stretched to fit!

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  1. Her inking the edges is sooooo cute!

    Your second page is really nice! I love the letters you used for the titel.. I love playing scrabble hehe!