Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December stretch your sketch

Feeling like there's been an absence of new photos this year?  That's because of a sad little story.  I went to download some photos and discovered the connection on the cable that connects my camera and computer was damaged.  So I dug out my old cable, connected it up . . . and the whole computer shut down!  Yikes!
So I jumped on Ebay and waited (impatiently) for my new cable to arrive.

But I'm pleased to now be able to show you this page which I actually did on New Years Day, based on the December stretch your sketch at Two Peas.  I adore these photos of Maddy we took at her first Christmas.  I covered a box with wrapping paper and attached a bow to her head to make the sweetest present under the tree ever!  For years after the boys would refer to "those things you stick on babies heads"!

Those purple flowers have been sitting in my stash for forever, so it's nice to give them a proper home!

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