Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hooray for new photos!

I am absolutely hanging out to buy some new patterned papers, I haven't bought any for months! I decided to wait until my new batch of photos arrived, which they did earlier this week!

Being the responsible spender that I am (trying to be), I thought I'd pick out a few photos to start, and see what I could come up with from the stash, then take the rest of the photos to the shop to match up colours.

Here's what I came up with first, using this week's ColourQ combo:

Rohan got into skateboarding in a big way last year (that's how he broke his arm 2 weeks ago, if I haven't mentioned that already).  On the way home from a camping trip on the October long weekend we stopped at a (conveniently deserted) skate park for a break.  While we were there, Rohan successfully "dropped in" for the first time.  And I was there with the camera to take these awesome photos!

I'll be back soon with more pages, I'm sure!


  1. What a lovely layout, Julie, and the placement of your colors is nice too! Sorry your son broke his arm, what about those toes, skate boarding without shoes? sounds like you are going to have a fun time with this guy growing up! Thanks so much for joining us at the ColourQ this week.

  2. Great photos of your little dare devil Julie! So sorry to hear of the broken arm. My son broke both at once years ago falling from a swing...yikes! Love it that his hoodie & shorts match the color scheme this week. Super LO ;)

  3. Excellent photos of that once in a lifetime shot for a Mom. Amazing layout, love the way the colours work. My daughter broke her arm two years ago her first night snowboarding! She is sticking to skiing now. LOL

  4. Great LO Julie - love what you did with the photos! Thanks for playing along with us at ColourQ this week!!! I am your newest follower, I would love it if you could hop over to my blog and return the favor :o) Have a great week!!!

  5. Fantastic photos and such a great layout, Julie! I love the little banners peeking out. Hope your son's arm heals quickly! Thanks for sharing this with us at the ColourQ!

  6. Another awesome layout.. my son broke his too skateboarding.. part of the process I suppose.. LOL