Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Pagemaps entry

I've been waiting for a suitable sketch to use for this photo of Hamish.  At the same time, I've been hoping to find some photos to use for this months PageMaps sketch.  When I replaced the two small photos with one 4x6, the two came together with perfect harmony!

The tags on the sketch combined with the colour of Hamish's jumper said one thing to me: Basic Grey "Fusion" tags!  Joy of joys, the tag I was thinking of was still in the stash!  I think it brings a real "dog tag" feel to the page, enhanced by stamping his name in the middle of it!

This page ended up being an explosion of "Fusion" goodness.  I pulled out all the left over bits of paper I could find, as well as the tags and letter stickers.  I love the Dr Seuss feel of the title, "No coat?  New coat!"
Hidden journalling behind the photo tells the story:

I have to tell you one more thing about the papers on this page . . . one of the offcuts I used to make the banners had been dropped on the floor and run over by my chair or something - it was looking pretty scrunched but it was so beautiful I wasn't going to throw it away!  Luckily in paper-craft land we call that "distressing" and sometimes do it on purpose! I distressed the other paper to match (not by running it over with a chair this time) and I'm very happy with the finished page!

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