Friday, February 17, 2012

Use what you have . .

Inspiration sometimes happens in the funniest ways, doesn't it?   The other night in the shower I was pondering two things:
  1. I was feeling very pleased with my collection of words I have been gathering on Pinterest, and how fabulous a great quote plus beautiful typography can be. So much scope for the imagination . . . 
  2. I was pondering the bizarreness of Blogger randomly re-posting "Using your old Patterned Paper", which I had actually written and posted last year!  (I decided not to bother deleting it, a casual visitor won't notice, and any really regular visitor will be reading this and go "oh. so that's what happened").  Mainly, I was just thinking about how happy completing that scrapbook page had made me - so happy to be using supplies that had been sitting around unused.
And just like that, a new motto (and a new project!) was born:

Sometimes my life feels like a list of under-used purchases.  Of the three stamp sets used, only the butterfly set feels like I've used it quite a bit, and I'm still enjoying using it (but then seriously, who could get bored of butterflies?)
The bird comes from a Stampin' Up set which I bought on Ebay, not sure if I've ever used it before!
The flourishes are from a Fancy Pants 12" set.  I've used the alphabet from the set a bit, but some of the other stamps, not at all.

Bit I'm so happy with how they all came together on this page!  Sometimes these days I push myself to use more "product", and other days I say no! enough! and just love the simplicity.  

The colours come from this fabulous mood board at Jay Gee's Nook, and I am entering it in their monthly challenge:

I fell in love with this the minute I saw it, and knew I would be using these colours somewhere before the end of the month! 


  1. I love your new motto Julie and it is certainly something that I think more of use should do :) This is such a great project ... I could see this on your wall to inspire yourself. Thanks so much for joining us at Jay Gee's :)

  2. Great card Julie! Thanks so much for playingalogwith us this month ... Ange