Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Scrap Blog hop card 4: Betty Anne's card

Not having spent a great deal of time at Let's Scrap for a while before their Leap around the World blog hop, I had almost forgotten what a warm and friendly bunch they are!  They are fairly buzzing with the excitement of this month-long hop!  Less than a day in the gallery and all the cards I posted yesterday have more than one page of comments!  In particular, my card with the slide mount for my nephew received a few comments.  You can just imagine it, can't you?  "I have not seen a slide for years but this is a great way to get rid of all those slides I have" "I haven't used a slide in years.. time to haul them out .. have 1000's.."

I was actually thinking that my use of slide mounts was coming to an end - not because I'd run out of them, but because I was starting to run out of nice colours! LOL!  But then I thought to myself, but what if I covered the not-very-pretty-coloured slide mount in pretty-coloured paper.  So I'd like to say this card was created with a particular person in mind.  But it's not.  It's actually created with rescue-the-ugly-coloured-slidemount in mind!

Originally I had said that I wanted to do the cards for this hop with all off-cuts, but I have since amended that to include 6" pads.  It's really more about the size of the sheet of paper, and using what I have than anything else!  So all the papers, and the purple die-cut, come from the same pad from Kaisercraft.

Two more things I want to share with you about this card:
  • Much as I love the look of baker's twine that I am seeing so much these days, I haven't stretched the budget yet to buying any - knowing me I would want a roll in every colour!  But way back in the days before paper-craft, I used to dabble in cross-stitch.  And as every former- or current-cross-stitcher knows, it doesn't take long to build up a stash of a lot of different colours of floss, some of which have hardly been touched! So it's nice that two different colours of embroidery floss have made a cameo appearance on this card.
  • Now to the buttons.  To you, they might just look like buttons.  But to me, I happen to know that at a craft show 2 years ago I attended a seminar at a craft show where they demonstrated a particular dye, one of it's features being that it could dye synthetic products such as nylon lace and buttons!  Why I decided I needed to dye buttons, when I have about a squillion buttons from my mother's craft shop, I can't really say. Anyway I bought two colours of dye (green and purple) and I'm not really sure if I've used the items I've dyed on any item until today . . . . 
Last but not least, I need to tell you that this card is based on the sketch on Betty Anne' blog, Lets Get Scrap Happy


  1. Julie I love your card, one a fantastic idea to cover a slide mount and use it for an embellishment and I love the embroidery floss and buttons. Thanks so much for doing my blog hop sketch and good luck in the draw.

  2. Julie, I love your card for the hop! I have become a follower, as I just could not resist reading some of your posts with the sarcastic dry humour. You had me giggling away here this morning! Pop into mine if you have time - promise, you won't have to shop!!! Denique Crafts

  3. Such a pretty card! I'm with you, I have sooooo much floss 'left over' from my cross stitching days, it will take more than a lifetime to use it all up on cards. I saw someone the other day who twined two colours together to create their own bakers twine... I'm going to try that myself.