Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bathtime memories

What would you do if you got your hands on a working time machine? I would write a book titled "Things I Never Thought To Tell My Children Not To Do Because It Would Never Cross My Mind In A Million Years That They Would Come Up With The Idea Of Doing Them".  Catchy title, don't you think?  Then I would send the book back in time to myself and I would avoid all sorts of unusual disasters.  For example, I would know to tell my children "don't spontaneously decide to make skateboard wax without talking to a parent first.  And definitely DO NOT do it in the kitchen with the good saucepans". 
But why am I telling you this?  Because that is just what was happening at one end of the house as I was in my craft room at the other end, blissfully finishing this page I'm about to show you.  Even now, hours later, the entire house still stinks of burnt candle wax, only with a bit of air freshener mixed in. And that saucepan?  Any tips on how to be really, REALLY sure a saucepan has had the wax cleaned out of it well enough to be used for cooking?

(Big deep breath.  Move on.)

I love a PageMaps sketch, and so I love it when I get to play along.  Here's the sketch, that I've been playing with this weekend:

 If you are a parent, (especially a scrapbooking one) would I be right in guessing that you've taken stacks of cute "bathtime" photos over the years?  In their younger years at least?  I know I have.  But I haven't done that much with that many of them. Why?  Because when I looked at them, they were just photos of my kids doing what they did every night. 
But I was recently going through some older photos and was blown away by the memories . . . ALL my children in the bath together . . .all my children playing HAPPILY together . . . ALL my children willingly posing for a photo AT THE SAME TIME . . . here's the page I created . . .

By the way, if I invited YOU to be a guest contributor to my book, what advice would YOU send back to yourself?

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