Thursday, May 31, 2012

A coffee date with Scrap Friends

I've just managed to sneak in one more challenge, this time a sketch from "Scrap Friends":

I rotated the sketch 90 degrees to match my landscape photo. 
The year before Maddy (my youngest) went to school was quite a social year for us; we had a number of friends (also Mum-and-last-child-at-home combinations) who we would regularly go out for coffee with.  It became so common that Maddy would sometimes ask: "who are we going out for coffee with today?"
(Journaling is hidden behind the hinged photo):

Product Challenge to Self:
I scored myself 4 points for this page!  Here's how:
It's not often these days that I buy a product purely because I've seen it used somewhere else.  But on the other hand, I like to stretch myself and try new things when the price is right.  So when I bought these My Mind's Eye papers (there are three on this page) I decided that at $1.85, I could justify buying a set of matching label stickers.  I added them to my product challenge because I wanted to use them before they got lost in the stash.
I've found using my fibres to be easier than expected, but the really . . . let's call them "hairy" fibres were yet to be touched, so that's what I decided to use on this page (mind you, the bits I tied to the tag between the photo and title I trimmed A LOT!
Attached to the fibres at the bottom is a little metal buckle, (which is also reminded me of the existence of the hinges, which then gave me the idea to hide the journaling . . . )
Finally, I used one of my mini misters to create the brown splatters (I used the drip off the end method rather than the misting method)

I've used 9 out of my 10 products that I challenged myself to use!  I'm left with only my ribbon threading punch, and 9 days to go!  Wish me luck!


  1. LOVE those 'coffee' letters & that hinge idea is great....& your 'splotching' works really well:):) Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Friends...just in time!!!!

  2. Love the story behind the layout. Wish I had a 'year of the coffee date'!! That sounds awesome! Great work with all the products you managed to incorporate into the layout. Looks fantastic. Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Friends.