Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank you - Play Date Cafe

Here's the final thank you card, with yet another new (to me) challenge - from the Play Date Cafe.  Here is the inspiration colour scheme:

And here is my card:

Did you pick any similarities between this card and the last two (apart from the fact I used other people's fabulous colour combos, of course!)
For me, the three similarities are: stamped flying things (birds and butterflies), embossed cardstock backgrounds (done using my friend's embossing folders and sitting in my stash for forever) and . . . the elephant in the closet . . . fibres!

My fibres have been sneakily hiding in plain sight amongst my ribbon collection . . . until now!

Yikes!  I didn't realise quite how many of my "ribbons" were actually "fibres!  I know what I need to start working on now . . . perhaps I'll start a kind of retro trend! (I wish!)

PS.  If you thought that's all the ribbon I own, there's also a drawer full of ribbon on rolls . . .

And another whole drawer full of bits and pieces that are too long, too wide or too thick to fit into the bobbin box!


  1. So glad you found the Play Date Cafe! Your card is lovely - the impression is a gorgeous touch. Enjoy all those fibre treasures - I love digging through my stash! ;) Hope you'll join us in the Cafe again soon!

  2. All that organization! Bravo to you. Your card is so darned cute too! Thanks for sharing with us at The Play Date Cafe. :)