Thursday, May 10, 2012

Product challenge to self re-launch (10 things on the 10th)

The type of challenge I gravitate towards is usually a sketch or a colour challenge.  Why?  Because they give me the most flexibility to use the products I already own.
More than once, I have seen on the challenge forums comments like: "great challenge - time to go shopping!"
Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with going out and buying a product that you're going to use straight away - in fact, I think that's the best kind of shopping that there is!
But I don't think I'm the only one who already has more than enough supplies in their stash to complete many, many projects!  I like to look for ways to use what I already have, not go out and buy more!

So today, I'm linking up with Ten things on the Tenth to re-launch an old favourite of mine, "Product Challenge to Self".  This is where I challenge myself to use products that I already have in my stash.  

What makes a good candidate for a "product challenge to self"?
  • Something you've bought recently but haven't used yet, and want to use before the next new purchase pushes it aside
  • Something you used to use all the time until you got bored of it, but still have heaps of
  • Something you bought because you saw a great idea using it on Pinterest, but haven't tried out yet
  • Anything that you've bought and never used
  • Anything you buy more quickly than you use
  • A tool you don't feel you've used enough to justify the money you spent on it
  • Something you've been keeping for "that special project"
  • Anything that you bought because it's on-trend, and you want to use before it goes out of fashion
my recently reorganised fibre collection

 You get the idea?  Anything ring true for you?  Here's what I will be challenging myself to use for the next month:

  1. Fibres (scroll through the last few posts and you'll see I've started working on this already!)
  2. Mini-misters
  3. Thin strips of PP and cardstock (hopefully lots of them as a background of a page!)
  4. Chipboard matt stacks
  5. Metal (photo corners and buckles)
  6. Ribbon threading punch
  7. Felt
  8. My Mind's Eye label stickers and papers
  9. Embossing folders
  10. Stampin' Up stamp sets
I'm going to award myself one point each time I use any of the items on my list, and tally up the total on the 10th of June.

What about you?  Are you ready to challenge yourself to use what's in your stash?


  1. I so need to take your challenge. Great post and challenge:):)

  2. This is a challenge I've been wanting to challenge myself with and wanting company to do it...may have to follow along with you. Great take for 10 Things!

  3. Look forward to saeeing what you create

  4. What a fun idea!!! I am sure that we could all use a "Product challenge to self"! Love the idea of the points :)