Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Inter)National Scrapbook Month at Lets Scrap

Sometimes you go somewhere all the time, until one day you suddenly realise you haven't been there lately.  In real life for me, that would be our local dog beach.  In on-line scrapbooking world, that would be Lets Scrap.
One thing I love about LS is the two-page layout sketches, and I haven't been doing so many of those lately.  There's nothing at all wrong with that, except that certain stories need two pages, and those are the stories I'm not telling at the moment!
Now that I've whetted your appetite for a two-pager, I'm not going to show you one - today at any rate, although there is one on the craft room table as we speak!
The other thing that I love about Lets Scrap is the way they have recognised that the internet is not confined to borders on a map, but have created a truly international community.  Case in point, they have taken the idea of National Scrapbook Day, and created (Inter)National Scrapbook Month.  Gotta love that.
I knew that if there was only one challenge I got done for INSM, it was going to be this one, inspired by this image:

How divine is that?  As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I wanted to shamelessly copy it (on a scrapbook page at least. Maddy, on the other hand, is looking over my shoulder as I type, and now wants a tree like that in her room, once it is "painted".  And yes, she really did do the quotation marks with her fingers.  Seems she thinks that home renovation projects take a while to get started around here.  Sad but true)

I've been waiting for a little while now to have an excuse to  buy some new images for my Silhouette (when you've set yourself a budget as small as I have, even a Silhouette image or two needs to be a carefully thought-out process!)  So I bought myself a tree, and the build-a-paisley image, and a couple of others I know I will be using soon.  Here's my finished page:

This page ended up being one of those creatures that was once so common in these parts and now so seldom seen - the cardstock-only page. The only addition being the pink fibres, which I probably wouldn't have thought of except to give myself one point in my Product Challenge to Self.

The Silhouette bit:  Remember my tip for when an image or font seems a bit too fine at the size you want to cut it. (Like this font, Adorable, which I used for my title) Just add a very slight offset, and don't forget to delete the original!  You might have to play around a little bit to get something that's thick enough not to tear, but thin enough to not lose any detail. The added advantage in a title like this is that it welds the letters at the same time.  (I could have moved the "B" and welded that too, but I don't mind leaving it separate.
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