Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cardmaking with basic supplies

Finally getting around to posting about an exciting event that happened to me a couple of weeks ago . . .

I had the absolute privilege to give a card-making demonstration . . . .(drum roll, please) . . . at this month's meeting of my church's PWA.

They left it up to me to demonstrate whatever I wanted.  As most of the PWA ladies are on pensions or other limited incomes, I decided to show a few cards using only cardstock, patterned paper, very basic tools, and a couple of extras that they were likely to have stashed away in their sewing cabinet.  So ever since I was first asked a couple of months ago, I've been pinning ideas on Pinterest that would fit this criteria.  It quickly became apparent that variations on the banner theme were totally going to fit the bill.

The first card I made for them was based on this card here:

The ladies were very nervous when I told them there was going to be "audience participation" but the lovely Anne totally excelled at her calligraphy skills for this card.
One of the ladies commented that they were very masculine colours, which was perfect as that segued perfectly into my next card, the point being that with this style of card, you can use very similar effects but simply by changing the colour scheme you determine whether the card is masculine or feminine, grown up or child. 

I had considered taking my sewing machine with me, but wasn't sure how much room I would have or how close I would be parking, so I made this card at home and showed it next, (inspired by this card here):

We talked for a couple of minutes about sewing through cardstock, and finished this card off with showing them how to attach an insert to hide the stitching.

Next card up, (inspiration here):

I already had the little banner shapes cut out, and showed them how I had drawn the arc shape on the card by tracing around a bread-and-butter plate.  it was simply a matter of taping the banners down, piercing some holes and adding some embroidery thread.

Last but not least, I thought to myself, what do Grandmas like to give away?  Money or gift cards was the answer I came up with, so I thought it would be fun to make a card which incorporated a gift card holder.  After a Pinterest search I ended up drafting my own little gift card envelope (I won't link you to the template I found as it printed out at the wrong size)

I think the PWA ladies enjoyed my demonstration.  When this last card came back around the circle they had added a little addition . . . 

. . . with love from all the Grandmas

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