Monday, July 16, 2012

Pooh Sticks (the story of two scrapbook pages you'll never see)

Today is Rohan's first day back at school after the holidays, and the other two had a pupil free day, so I took them off to a lovely park only a suburb away from us which was a very important part of our social life when the kids were younger.
These days it's more about skateboarding and taking the dog for a walk than playing on the equipment, but today Angus reminded me of another important ritual we used to perform at Lambton park:
"How do you play Pooh Sticks again?" he asked.  There's an open rainwater channel that runs through the park, which occasionally has enough running water and few enough weeds for a few decent rounds of Pooh Sticks.
I was a bit dubious about the speed of the water flow, but the kids were keen to give it a go, and we had an absolutely awesome time.  Sure some of our sticks didn't make it all the way under the bridge, but that was all park of the fun!

So what's the problem? My brand-new phone, (with much better camera and easy-uploadability, and no excuse to never take a photo again) was back at home on the charger.  Sigh.
So.  Page about Maddy riding her new skateboard.  You won't be seeing it.  (Although I'm sure she'll be riding it again, and there will be more photo ops).
Page about playing Pooh Sticks.  Sadly, I never took any photos of it when they were littler, and I didn't take any today.  But I promise you, it looked a little something like this:

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  1. I am certain that you should scrap that book page and tell the story. You do not need a photo for the page. Maybe an old face shot and a new face shot of the kids that have no discernible location just to get the age difference in there but you DO NOT need a photo to tell this story.