Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Parcels from everywhere (and the last of the Swansea pages)

OK, so that may not be the most accurate title ever, unless you actually do classify the UK and the USA as "everywhere", but it was still pretty exciting to get not one but two parcels of crafty goodies from across the globe in one day!

First up: I've been increasingly drawn in to the lure of the washi, and decided the time had finally come.  I figured washi tape wasn't the sort of thing to only buy one of (it would never be the right colour!) so I made the most of a free postage offer from Amy Tan's blog, and ordered some from Freckled Fawn :

I also bought a pack of doilies. (You've already seen one of those in  action if you read my last post on my CASE study card).

Then there was my lovely winnings from the Organisation Celebration at Jennifer's Jumbles, courtesy of Julie Kirk's etsy shop:

Lots of mist-able, paint-able goodness in there, let me tell you!

And that was after I had been to Lincraft that morning, where (among other, less interesting purchases) I had bought some pins with the pearlised heads.  The rationale being, whatever I don't use on paper craft projects, I can probably use to, oh, I don't know, pin bits of material together while sewing.

So that afternoon I decided to take very seriously my almost-motto of the year,  "Use what's new, while it's still new".

See that little flag?  See the pin?  And the washi tape flag?  That's what I call using something new!

Before I go ahead and show you the whole page, (which is pretty much all Counterfeit Kit other than those new additions) let me just say that I would never put butterflies - let alone pink butterflies - onto a page about "real" skateboarding.  A page about skating and scooting around the caravan park with Ben and Jess, on the other hand . . . well, you tell me what you think . . .

I used a few of the stamps that I had put into my kit for this one, which was fun.  I particularly like how the sunburst stamp looked on my chipboard buttons! 
The scraps that I used for the title and the butterflies on this one are both quite old.  Anyone else remember the Chatterbox "Scrapbooking Walls" collections?  Turns out those thinner papers are a little prone to ripping in the Silhouette . . . or maybe I just didn't have the blade setting correct!

For this next page, the trick was that I wanted to have it flow on from the Swansea pages that come before it in the album:

 . . . and also connect with the page it will sit next to, which I had completed a month or so earlier for a different challenge:

So from my Counterfeit Kit I used the yellow and white chevron as a background, the white Thickers, and kept the idea of the butterflies attached with buttons.

And from the Sunset page, I took the orange splatters, purple fibres, tags and the strips of paper in the embellishment clusters.  I was also able to re-use the ribbon-threading punch and wove another strip of paper through it.  I had already felt like a bit of a magician on the Sunset page, finding all those Fusion and other Basic Grey bits and pieces, so I really felt like I was scraping the bottom of my magic hat pulling out all the bits for this one!
The story of this page is about the rest of us taking a walk and visiting my husband fishing on the lake.  The evening finished with watching that beautiful sunset, and fish for dinner - from the local take-away!


  1. Great double spread and the other pages as well. It's fun to use the new stuff right away, I'm not sure why lots of us scrappers don't always do that.

  2. Fabulous job using what's new...I need to play that mantra in my head when I get a package of something new!!! You do such a beautiful job on you layouts! I love the colors, the embellishments and the clustering you do!!