Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten Crafty (and not so crafty) goals for this month (and beyond)

For 10 things on the 10th this month, I decided to see if I could come up with some goals I'd like to achieve over the next month or so.  There's something about getting your goals out there in black and white on your blogthat makes you so much more accountable, don't you think?
So here they are:

1. Scrapbooking-wise, I want to mainly focus on my Counterfeit Kit, and see how that works for me. 

2. Teenage cards.  Rohan's social group has suddenly expanded from a smallish group of boys from school that like to skateboard together to a much larger mix of both boys and girls, from both his school and the nearby Performing Arts school.  The potential number of parties he could be invited to is kind of scary.  So.  Teenage cards.

3. I used my overlocker for the first time in ages the other day, and when I went to put the flimsy plastic cover back on . . . . let's just say it had died.  So I think sewing an overlocker cover is in order.  While I'm at it, the thin piece of packaging foam I've been using as a Silhouette cover could probably do with a more durable replacement.

4.  Finish my soft-sculpture dragon.  Before I got into paper-crafts, I was into doll- and bear-making.  I think I was last working on this dragon about 5 years ago.  He should end up looking something like this:

But at the moment he looks more like this:

5. Send some cards.  OK, now this is embarrassing.  It's a bad habit I was hoping to break this year but haven't yet - making a card for someone, and then never actually sending it to them!  Many have graced the pages of this blog.  Cards that you hand over in person, no problem.  Ones you've actually got to put in an envelope, address, put a stamp on them and place in the mailbox, on the other hand . . . let's just say I've still got Mothers Day cards sitting on my desk, as well as all the birthdays in between.  But it's not too late!! (Is it?)

6. Last year sometime, I had a whole bunch of family photos enlarged, the aim being to frame them and hang them on the wall.  Well, I still haven't bought the frames, so the goal is to buy frames and actually GET THEM ON THE WALL!!!! (one of the enlargements has since ended up on a scrapbook page here, so I also either need to get it reprinted or re-design how all the photos hang together)

7. And while we're on the subject of hanging things on walls, I'd really like to complete a home decor project.  One that caught my eye on Pinterest lately is this one:

And now on to things less crafty, but in other ways probably more important . . .

8.  Organise how I'm going to get more organised.  Does that sound as lame to you as it does to me?  But that's kind of where I'm at at the moment.  My tiny baby step of a goal is to work out a plan of attack.  I've been pinning ideas and organisation blogs of late, in the hope that when I'm ready, I'll have a few places to start.

9. Get back on track with my Bible reading.  I am really, really bad at this at the best of times, and when I had my block of casual work recently it just went totally out the window.  So, any improvement would be good right now.

10. Get something growing in my garden other than pumpkin.  Now, don't  get me wrong, I love pumpkin soup as much as the next person, (and there have been a lot of "next people" who have also enjoyed soup from our pumpkins this winter!) but growing something else would be nice.

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  1. I can relate to a few of your 10...the pinterest one made me smile...Oh to be more organised x