Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laptop bag

Ever since I bought my laptop for my TAFE course (and Rob put his foot down at buying a bag as well, I have been meaning to make a bag for it.  For some reason though, (and this is coming from someone who designed and made multiple formal dresses in high school for myself and friends, as well as my own wedding dress) I didn't have the confidence to get started.  The idea started to dawn on  me, however, that probably someone else had already had the same idea, and that someone might have posted a pattern on the internet.  Well this week I finally did a Google search, and found not just one someone, but in fact a someone who had grouped together her favourite 26 patterns!! (Here's the link here, you can also find patterns for camera bags, ipod bags . . . bags for pretty much anything you want to put in a bag, I guess and plenty more crafty projects besides)
So I picked one that looked pretty much like what I had in my head,  and used it as a basis to kick-start my very own laptop bag.  I did a different type of pocket and sewed the straps straight to the sides of the bag (her way is probably better, but I didn't want to buy any rings).
I made it reasonably roomy, big enough to add a folder and notebook, and take everything I need for a trip to the library or to soccer practice. 
The denim is left over from a maternity pinafore I made when I was pregnant with Maddy, and the lining fabric was an off-cut purchased back when the boys were little enough to think that half a metre might be enough to make a pair of shorts!  The sale tag was still there from Lincraft, half a metre for $2.40 a metre! The ribbon, of course, is from my never-ending ribbon stash.

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