Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Speed Scrapping

So here's how it went. . . I've been a good girl this week and already done 3 hours study, and I had a bit less than 2 hours before I had to pick up the kids.  I decided I wanted to do this week's Lets Scrap "sew easy" challenge 104 which very simply requires you to use some sewing on a Let's Scrap sketch.  (Well they said it was "sew easy") So anyway I went looking for a sketch suitable for 4 landscape photos, and very quickly thought, hang on, the sketch of the week (7-13-11) actually suits the photos I want to use, but it's due on Midnight on the 19th of July, and it's the 20th here.  A quick look at the official clock that 12 midnight Lets Scrap time was the same as 3pm my time, in other words, less than 2 hours time, the same time I have to pick up my kids from school!
Could I really do it?  Could I really do a whole double page layout, photograph it and upload said photo in less than 2 hours?  Well why not find out!
Well let me tell you, I was trimming papers and whacking them down with abandon, sewing strips to the page without first checking how the whole page would look, trusting in the sketch that the finished product would look balanced!  It was close, let me tell you, in fact I was adding tags to the uploaded photo just as my alarm was going off to tell me to go get my kids from school!
I know you are wondering, but are the papers all off-cuts?  Well no, but they have been rescued from what I have started to think of as "patterned paper purgatory" (the papers I will be throwing out at the end of the year if they are not used or given away) so it's pretty much the same.  Actually, most of the paper, the letter stickers and the ribbon are all from an SEI "Aunt Gerties Garden" pack which I once got in an ill-advised Ebay "mystery box" win.  But the less said about that, the better!
The final word on speed scrapping?  Well, it was fun to try, especially in light of the revised  "spend less, get more study done, still find time for some craft" aspect to the project, but one look at those crooked letters should tell you that maybe a more leisurely approach is probably for the best.  I'm not recommending it as an Olympic sport any time soon!

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