Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three quick cards

I noticed that my 6" pads hadn't seen much use this year at about the same time as I realized that there were a few birthdays coming up. Doesn't take a genius to make the connection there, And I decided that some cards using 6" pads were in order.  I had my ever-willing assistant, Maddy, who thought she should make the card for her friend, and fair enough too.  We were pretty pleased with our results.  They might not win any awards, but they are pretty sweet just the same and, as they say on Masterchef,  made with love.

Maddy designed hers herself, the blue one with the butterfly.  Don't you love how she cut out another flower and leaf to add to the inside of the card?  She said that she "didn't want to waste paper".
That's my girl!


  1. Good morning, I am a new follower, and I am glad I found your blog. Such a great, great idea using the scrap supplies you already have!

    This is great idea to use your 6x6 pads, I have so many that are buried and I never think to pull them out!

    Great cards as well, love the design!! Keep up the great work and awesome tips!


  2. welcome, Laurie, and thanks for reading