Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cull if Necessary

I've got a little something to share with you . . . come closer and I'll tell you . . .

(I'm not very good at throwing things away)

What was that, you couldn't hear me?  I'll say it again then . . . .

I'm not very good at throwing things away!

Alright, for some of you, that isn't actually anything you didn't already know.  "Hoarding tendencies", I call it; they're not about to make a TV episode about me anytime soon. But who knows?  With the right trigger (or maybe I should say, the wrong trigger) maybe I'll turn into some crazy old lady whose children won't visit because she loves her collection of paper scraps more than she loves them.
So the other day,  I can't quite remember why, but I decided to separate all my thin offcut strips from all the other offcuts so that I'm more likely to use them.  Turns out I've got heaps . . . border punched strips I didn't end up using, bar-code strips from double-sided papers . . . you get the idea.

It sort of turned into a full-on purge of scraps. And if you're like me and culling is hard, when the mood strikes . . .  you cull!!!!
The more I like a particular colour, the smaller piece I will keep for later use . . . but clearly this year I have been making scraps faster than I have been using them.  When  I finished, I couldn't believe how much I had managed to part with!  I took a quick photo before taking it out to the bin.
 Just to prove to myself that separating out the strips was a worthy project, here's a card I whipped up with some of them:

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