Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some big spending.

Wow, some money has been spent recently, which is where you, my blog comes in handy to keep me accountable to the end of the year - I don't want to come so far only to overspend in the last couple of months!
First up came a 75c sale at the Silhouette online store.  I used up the voucher that came with the machine and bought a few extra images.  Hopefully I have chosen images that will all be useful.  The good thing is that now I know they have sales, I will wait for the next one before I buy any more images.  I don't know what the exchange rate was at the time, but I spent something like about $5.  Not too damaging so far!
But now for the big spend with the big story.  At the start of last year, I signed up for a "Bazzill in a box" subscription, where I received a pizza box full of cardstock in the colours of my choice, every 3 months.  The problem was, of course, I wasn't using it as fast as I was getting it.  Just another step on the road that created the need for "spend less, craft more".
Now, you might think I would have just cancelled the subscription outright at the start of the year, but . . . the second last box I received last year was in the wrong colours, so when I pointed it out to them, they gave me the next box for free, only charging me for postage.  Now call me soft, but I just felt bad about that last box being free and wanted to buy just one more.  I did put it back quite a few times, but eventually sent in my colour requests for August.  The weeks went by and still no parcel . . . maybe they'd lost my order and weren't going to send it at all? I started to think maybe that was a good thing, and wondered whether to cancel the box . . .  but what if I sent the request when the parcel was on its way to me in the mail?  I adopted a bit of a "head in the sand" approach and did nothing at all, hoping the problem would go away, even spending a big $50+ at my LSS.  But of course it didn't go away, and one day, at the end of September, a pizza box arrived on my doorstep. I'm actually really happy with the box, I only ordered colours where I have a real gap - I was totally out of white, and other than that it's almost all blues and greens, both colours I will be using.
There wasn't an invoice in the box, so again, I'll have to wait to look at my credit card bill to know exactly how much it was.  I am estimating that I have about $15 left to spend for the whole year! That's $5 a month! At the start of the year I thought $5 a week would be hard!
9 months in, I see it as a challenge.  Bring it on, I say!

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