Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A tour of my "work in progress" folder

I knew that the week I pulled out of "So you think you can scrap" would be when it required a product I didn't already own.  That happened this week, where 3 halloween-themed papers where required. I'm actually glad to be out, not because it wasn't fun, but because it frees me up to catch up on the many pages in my "work in progress" folder.  If  I complete one or two of these a week plus my round robin at the end of the month, I'll call this a very successful month!
 So join me on a tour of my folder, and you'll see what pages I have ready to scrap (and some of the reasons they're not finished!):
  • photos of Rob and I on some play equipment.  I think it is waiting for a suitable challenge (above)
  • a double of a trip to a Yum Cha restaurant with my brother and his girlfriend.  I have changed my mind a number of times on what the background and PP should be.  Currently have black cardstock ready to go, and excited about a suitable heading on the Silhouette. (left)
  •  The third page based on my kid's friends moving to Tassie - this one for Angus (right).  Having trouble deciding how to position the photos, but they way I spread them to take this snap has given me an idea . . .
  • Photos of Maddy and my brother from different occasions; once I printed them out I thought I had other photos for a double, but now I think I'll probably go with a single (below) 

  •  A double about Rohan being 12.  It's been at this stage for ages, just needing journalling and hopefully some sort of embellishment. (right)
  •  Angus's first day of Kindergarten

  • A double about Rohan doing some cooking after watching Masterchef.  I have a Let's Scrap sketch that could work , and it's waiting for a challenge that could go with it. (right)
  •  Rohan's school photos from this year (Year 7).
  • Some gorgeous photos of Maddy on the Slip n slide.  I've had the papers picked out for ages, and a title done on the Sizzix.  Don't really know why this one didn't get finished (or why I didn't photograph it today - probably just skipped a page)
  • Photos of Rohan's debating team from year 5.
  • A double about a trip on the harbour on our neighbour's boat.  I was thinking about doing a "page and a half" style layout for this one. (below)
  • Angus' birthday party from this year.  All finished bar the journalling.
  • Rohan's year 5 school photos. 
And finally comes 4 pages I wanted to do from the newest lot of photos I had printed last week.  I challenged myself to use only offcuts (apart from the background PP or cardstock:
  • A page each for Rohan and Angus from my sister's wedding back in 2004, when they were ring bearers.   Hardly new photos, but I realized that while I had done a mini album on the event, the boys didn't have pages in their own albums.(right)
  • Photos from Christmas time about a gingerbread house kit we (attempted) to put together. (above)
  • And the story of when we minded our friend's puppy, Henry.

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