Friday, October 7, 2011

Mother-daughter craft session (and some cute dog scrapbook pages)

Rob had just headed off to Canberra with Angus, and Rohan was at the skate park, so what better time to have a mother-daughter craft/bonding session?  I have learnt that Maddy likes to do the odd scrapbook page, so last time I had some photos printed out I got done especially for her, of her favourite subject matter - Hamish!
She loves to see her work on my blog, and here it is _ Super Star Hamish!
Here's Maddy telling you how to make shooting stars: "you punch out stars and then you cut out around the stars you've punched out.  Then you get some white ribbon and fold it in half, and then you staple it onto your stars.  That's all you have to do!"

And now for some pages I have been working on . . .
 This is the last of the pages documenting our friends moving interstate, this one for Angus's album.
For this page about when our friend's puppy came to stay, I had the idea for the journalling before he'd even left, even though it took a few months to get the photos printed out.  It showcases all the naughty puppy things he got up to, but hopefully also shows how much we loved having him stay!
 What I also love about this page is that I used up the offcuts to two different patterned papers as well as the light blue cardstock.  The journalling spot is a spare die-cut from another layout.


  1. Great work Maddy! Thanks for the tutorial on the stars!

    Julie, your layouts are wonderful! 'When Henry Came to Stay' is adorable. I had to chuckle about the 'he tangled up my knitting wool', my dog is beside me, wrapped up in wool. {I gave in and gave her some 'leftovers'} TFS

  2. How scrap time! My boys love to use my punches and cutter and glue, but so far only make projects for mom. Scrapbooking will come, I'm sure! Thx for the inspiration, Maddy! And you too, Julie! Come for a visit if you like...