Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trying to get my craft groove back . . .

What with all the busyness and sadness we've had around here lately, I've started to feel a bit overwhelmed with how behind I am with housework.  And I know we're really not meant to let ourselves feel "behind" when it comes to scrapbooking, but yes, I was feeling a bit down in that regard as well. So I'm really appreciating a quiet week at home this week, time to get a little bit caught up on my chores and yes . . . to get back into my craft room!

I've managed to hit my Counterfeit Kit (CK)  pretty hard this last few days. I didn't have any lofty design-award winning goals this week, I've just been aiming for simple pages that make a dint in the stash.  Here's what I've come up with:

With so much pink in my kit I've been going through Maddy's older photos.  This one, 2 Little Pigz, is all CK except the white ribbon and the rosette. If you were with we back with my first Counterfeit Kit in July, you might remember me ruminating about letter stickers and the problem of running out of certain letters for your titles - in particular these white thickers, and the letter "S".  Like how I creatively solved the problem this time?  Incidentally, here's an interesting blog post by someone who's really thought about how to use their letter stickers to best advantage.

I had a bit more trouble with this next one.  I started by using the butterfly lace paper as a mask (reverse side up) and misted the page.  But I couldn't get it how I wanted it, so I left it and went on to the next page.  When I came back, I got rid of most of the papers I had planned on adding, and added the bunting instead - made, incidentally, using some of the smallest scraps in my offcuts box!

Do you recognise that pink flower?  It is left over from the page I showed you in my last post. My "plus one" for this page, as well as the bunting, is the buttons, pins, stamps and letter stickers.

And now, here's the front side of the butterfly lace paper.  I struggled with this one a bit as well and quite frankly, may go back to it at some later point and play around with it.  But for now, I'm calling it a completed page.

On this one, the "plus one" is the vellum.  Originally I sewed it to the page on three sides intending it to do double duty as a photo mat and a pocket for journalling.  In the end, I cut some butterfly confetti and angled my photo up higher.

Finally, a page that came together in record time, largely because I had already cut my die-cut in anticipation of scrapping these photos:

How cool is that penny farthing?  By which I mean the one in the photos as well as the die-cut one! Even though I sometimes make pages with lots more layers and "stuff" on them these days, simple pages like this can still make me happy!   The paper is from my CK (both sides of the same one) letter stickers from the stash.

So if you're wondering, yes! I do feel like I've got my craft groove back.  There's even another page in progress on my desk which I've got a bit of a plan for the photography challenge when I'm finished.  And then, with some of the smaller left-over bits, I think I'll be up for the masculine/feminine card challenge. Whew!

And if you're also wondering, yes! I am making some progress on the housework . . . as I've been fighting with the internet to get this post published, I've finished my filing and got my computer room about 90% tidied.  Let's see if I have the self-control to do the other 10% before I hit the craft room again!


  1. What a fun post! Thanks for linking up to my blog too :)

  2. It looks to me as though you have your mojo back - 4 pages so nicely scrapped. That had to put a major dent into your kit and stash.