Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time to change blades (and a couple of pages for Lets Scrap)

 A trait that I inherited from my parents (nature or nurture? It could be either. Or both) is that I tend to be a bit frugal.  And usually, I think that's a good thing.  But more than once in the past, it's taken a friend to borrow my trimmer and comment that "when it cuts, it makes the paper all hairy" to force me to admit the obvious - it's time to change the blade on my trimmer!

Well this week, I didn't need a friend to tell me - the camera embellishments I was cutting on my Silhouette came out "all hairy".  Time for a new blade on my Silhouette?  I think so.  After trying to tidy them up with a blunt craft knife, I decided it was due for a new blade, too.  And my trimmer?  Wow, it cuts a lot smoother with a new blade!

Anyway, here's the weekly sketch at Lets Scrap I was working with:

and here's my page:

Next up is my page for their "Scrap Our Stash" challenge.  It's one of those "recipe"-type challenges with a list of products to use: 2 patterned papers, 4 pieces of cardstock, one piece of chipboard, 4 flowers, 3 eyelets or brads, 9 buttons, 2 lengths of ribbon and lots of bling! And don't forget to use a Lets Scrap Sketch!  Is it just the way my brain works or is that a hard challenge?  Mind you, I say that's hard, then add an additional restriction to myself: use my Purple People Eater Counterfeit Kit!

Here's the sketch I ended up using:

And here's my page - the photos are from the very early 90's when I had a little market stall and sold hand-made goods.  What I never took a photo of was the candles rolled out of sheets of beeswax.  Remember them?  Imagine them on a windy, summer day at Maitland markets - the dirt would blow onto them and get stuck, and then people would pick them up to take a look and leave finger marks in the soft wax. Ugh!

{Finally, I have to say "I wish I thought of that" about the comment I received recently saying that I should have named my Counterfeit Kit "Purple Paper Eater" instead of "Purple People Eater".  It is so true, because I have been eating up the kit so quickly that the papers I used on both these pages are actually from my off-cuts folder, not the original kit! }


  1. Loooove those camera frames! Perfect for the photos, too!

  2. Nice layout! And I adore that little camera. I never would've known it was cut at home. It looks like one of those high-$$ die-cuts. (I'm a frugal scrapper too!)

  3. LOL at the Purple Paper Eater!
    I love the sketched you've used - and so beautifully too. I love recipe type challenges (as long as you can add a twist or two!
    Shame about the beeswax candles - perhaps some cellophane wrapping would have protected them?

  4. Ooohh! I love a good recipe challenge - the page practically makes itself for me. What pretty pages.

  5. I am loving the purple every bit as much as I thought I would when I first saw your kit this month. Nicely scrapped pages - I am missing working on sketch challenges - it's been a while. Thanks for letting me "scrap vicariously" through you.