Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Counterfeit Kit: "Purple People Eater"

Welcome fellow Counterfeiters, and I hope you won't think I'm being entirely too cheeky when I reveal how I've *tweaked* the rules this month and dared to call it a Counterfeit Kit!
For anyone who might not know, at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge this month, the idea is to choose a favourite recent release paper collection of your choice and counterfeit that.  I, on the other hand, decided not to Counterfeit any one collection, but to Counterfeit the idea of a collection instead. 
First up, a quick history lesson:

Back in June last year, I delegated some of my older, uglier patterned papers to a "use it or lose it" box, otherwise known (to me anyway) as "paper purgatory".   I made myself a deal that I had until the end of the year to use those papers.  Anything not used or given away by that deadline would be recycled. 
So that was all fine and good, and I've been happily using a mix of older and newer papers ever since.  But just recently, I've noticed that there's another bunch of papers that narrowly missed the cull last time, still lurking at the bottom of my stash.  Time for another round of "use it or lose it", I say!

There they are, 17 sheets of paper that have been sitting in my stash for WAY TOO LONG! 

OK, history lesson over and back to the November Counterfeit Kit.  Have you thought about what colour seems to be absent in most of the paper collections at the moment?  (The ones that catch my eye, at any rate) And can you guess what colour I most want to put into my kit?  The title of my post might have been a tiny clue, so no prizes for the correct answer: Purple! And the idea of the CKC is using the stash, right?
So like I said, I decided to Counterfeit the idea of a collection.  What would you expect a collection to contain?  I'm thinking: a range of co-ordinating patterned paper, perhaps some cardstock, some lettering, some journalling spots and some embellishments.

Here it is, my November Counterfeit Kit, "Purple People Eater"

So first up, patterned paper:

See that spotty paper above the butterfly one?  That's the colour scheme I used to try and tie the whole kit together.  Back row of papers is all the old stuff.  Bottom row from L to R:  2 sheets October Afternoon "Woodland Park", one Basic Grey "Out of Print", one Teresa Collins, one Fancy Pants and finally the remainder of my Kaisercraft postcards paper.


I don't always bother to add cardstock to my kits, but I couldn't very well call my kit "Purple People Eater" without digging into my (massive!) stocks of purple cardstock, or his friend green.


I decided that since I was having a bit of a clear out the stash kit, I might as well pull any Letter Stickers that went with the colour scheme.  I ended up pulling 4 different Basic Grey sheets, with varying degrees of use.

Journalling spots:

Here's a few shapes you might recognise from the recent collections.  Hello vellum being back in fashion! Another way to clean out the stash.  (I made sure when I cut the round shapes on my Silhouette that my round journalling spot stamp would fit inside.  Impressed?)

And lastly, embellishments:

I hope you're seeing a hint of 2012 in my vellum banner and vellum feathers (I might distress them a bit more before I use them).  Flowers never go completely out of fashion, do they?  These ones are made using two other sheets of the older paper.  Because I'm mainly focussing on older supplies this kit, I decided to get out a bunch of ribbons and fibres instead of washi and twine (but that doesn't mean I'm not promising to get them out later! *wink*)

P.S. Like in the song, I'm a little bit scared that my "Purple People Eater" will eat me up for breakfast!  At the same time, I'm hoping that by the end of the month, like the end of the song, it will turn out to be a cute, friendly creature after all!
P.P.S.  What about you, fellow Counterfeiters?  What inspired you this month?  I hope your kits are friendly creatures too!


  1. Great kit and such a great title for it :)
    Looking forward to seeing the pages you make with it.

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  2. Great kit, but wouldn't the more appropriate name be "purple paper eater". Good luck is using it before losing it.

  3. Funny title and fun kit-love the embellies!

  4. Clever approach to this month's counterfeit! Go you! Lots of fab product and looks like you will ahve a lot of fun. Use it or lose it is a great motto to have. I very often put sheets of that category in my kits and you soon find out if you still love it or not! Great job - you are a true counterfieter!

  5. Wow! Looks like you have a fantastic kit here. Love the idea of a good "last call", so to speak.