Friday, November 9, 2012

Embracing my Inner Purple People Eater

Warning: the photos in this post are very . . . . purple!
The obvious place to start with my Counterfeit Kit this month was always going to be with older photos from when I was first married. Not that I'm opposed to mixing older products with recent photos.  But I definitely think older photos go with older products, especially in large doses! The following things also apply to our early married life: anything DIY, anything cheap and cheerful, anything bright, even to the point of clash.
Oh, and definitely purple.  You know how you might wash a load of whites?  Between the clothes from those cheap hippy-style clothes shops and the tie-dyed pants,  I used to do a load of purples!

It wasn't hard to find candidates for the Purple People Eater treatment.  The first page of my photo album, in fact:

I never claimed to be a kit-only scrapper, did I?  As well as using my kit. I've added the mini DIY letter stickers, doilies, mist, and buttons - and I think this was the first kit I didn't put a sheet of ledger paper in.  Well, it's got one now! 

And the next candidate?  Well, the next photos in the album, as a matter of fact! When I realised they were going to face each other in the scrapbook, I thought I should use some of the same elements, although I did add a few extra papers as well.

From early '90s to early 00's, and I wanted to have a go at  the latest challenge at Let's Scrap, to incorporate polaroid-style frames.  I chose the LHS of this sketch here:

. . .and used a cut file from the Silhouette on-line store with polaroid frames and the words "today, here, now".  At first it felt a bit weird to use  that phrase on a photo that's 11 years old, but decided to run with it anyway.

Now that I'm looking at this page on the screen, I'm thinking I might move that photo down a bit.  Otherwise, I've got to say I've had a lot of fun releasing my Inner Purple People Eater.! Thanks so much for dropping by.


  1. Loooove the couch photo on the first layout! I don't scrap much with purple but have some in my kit this month, too! I really like the pop of orange you used with yours!

  2. The colours are just so cool! Love the doily/button cluster!
    I do that too... how different it looks once its on the screen and then decide to move things LOL...
    What a great multi photo sketch too!

  3. Lovin' the purple, it's one of my fave colours even though I hardly use it on cards (I think it may be because it's difficult to match the thousands of shades that are purple). Super fab embellies, especially love the DP flower!

  4. Add me to the quickly growing list of purple lovers - great pages here. And I'm all about adding in whatever it takes to use up what is in your kit. You are on a roll - go purple!

  5. I used to love the Purple People Eater song. I now love what you've done with all that purple - the touches of yellow really lift it. Great pages.

  6. Great job. I really like that last layout.