Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Counterfeit Kit Part Two: Sticking down papers and photos.

I'm trying something different with my Counterfeit Kit this month, inspired by the recent Glitter Girl adventure "Layouts with Limits" and mild-mannered Shimelle's "Batch Scrapbooking" version.  If you haven't seen one or both of these videos, let me give you a bit of an idea (they're around 40 and 20 minutes long respectively, so if you're short of time you might want to bookmark them and come back later with a cup of tea!)

The first video suggests a specific process designed to help overcome creative block.  She refers specifically to the block that comes with the  feeling of being overwhelmed by too many scrapbooking supplies, and the fear of not picking the perfect ones to match any given page.  The process goes through picking a kit of limited supplies, then making 3 pages using only those supplies.  There is also a helpful PDF file you can download which summarises the whole process, thus avoiding the need to keep returning to the video!  The second video uses the same process, except that instead of completing one page and then going on to the next, she works through all three pages a step at a time, in a process she calls "batch scrapbooking".

First up after compiling the kit (in either version) is to pick the photos for your pages (sets of three, two and one, to be created in that order)  and then decide which background paper you will use for each.

Done! Next, there's a sketch for each page.  Because I'm trying the "batch scrapbooking" version, I've completed each page to the main-paper-elements-and-photos-stuck-down stage.

Three . . .

two . .

and one . . .

So far so good! Owing, perhaps, to having a brand new batch of photos to go through, and following the sketches fairly closely, I've found the process so far relatively quick and painless!

Next step: lay out the pages again and divide the embellishments between the three.  Stay tuned and I'll see you soon!


  1. GREAT Job! Love how quickly you've created these and all the possibilities that lie in store for them!

  2. I will definitely have to check out these videos. Its been a while since I've caught up on all my blogs so this is a great incentive. I like what you've done so far, can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Love these layouts!! I love Shimelle and am going to try her process soon!!

  4. looking great, I might have to try that idea too