Saturday, May 18, 2013

When is a Dog like a Bird?

I really wanted to make at least one page for Jennifer Grace's "Onwards and Upwards" event last weekend.  When I came across a photo of our dog, Hamish, at our favourite dog beach, it occurred to me that no only would it fit the "Free as a Bird" theme perfectly, but that would also make a great title for the page!

The dog beach is pretty much the only place (apart from our backyard, of course!) that poor old Hamish is allowed off the lead.  There's an off-lead area at a park near our place that we often walk to, but Hamish has disgraced himself in the past by running home - across a busy road! So until someone gets around to some intensive training, Hamish stays on the lead and watches the other dogs run free!

I applied the challenge to this page on two levels.  As well as the obvious "bird" theme, I took Jennifer's advice by not over-thinking the page and just sticking things down pretty quickly.  I didn't worry, for example about whether flowers, pocket watches and "news" themed stickers had any relationship to a dog on a beach. 

Like I said, free as a bird!

Everything on this page comes from my May Counterfeit Kit.  As I have already made the three pages I set out to make with my kit, this page is quite a bonus!  I made the background by sticking together the rest of the cardstock that I had set aside to cut on my Silhouette as titles, and gave myself great pleasure in using some of the items from the kit I hadn't used yet, like the dimensional stickers and letter stamps.

What direction would you take the idea to be as "free as a bird?"


  1. This looks awesome Julie - I love the bold background in two colours, and the clustered embellishments. They all work very well on the layout! Love the splattering and the big square photo too!

    Thanks so much for entering my challenge! x

  2. What a brilliant direction you took with this. Love it!!

    Blessings ~~ dawn

  3. love how you divided the page and birdy clusters. very nice layout

  4. I really like how this whole design is on the diagonal! Great embellie clusters, too!

  5. Lovely page!! Love the clustered embellishments, they add just the right touch to your layout!!

  6. Great job! It all came together lovely!