Sunday, April 22, 2012

I managed one more challenge from Shimelle's weekend challenge last weekend . . . . challenge one

When you're surrounded by males and a not-particularly-girly girl, the opportunity to use a hot pink background like this one doesn't come around very often, but this was such a fun, happy page, I decided to give it a go!

Here's my page, it's a "this is why I scrapbook" kind of theme.  (It's very overcast right now, so I'll come back and add some better pictures tomorrow!)

This is totally my favourite page of the moment, so much so that I'm going to write a list of all the things I like about it:
  • While there's no doubt this is a "scraplift" I feel like it's not a blatant copy.  
  • The B-side of this pink paper is a very fine black and white chevron that I wanted to use to matt my photo.  So I cut the middle out the page, added a second matt in black, and sewed the lot back together!
  • There is a lot of different things going on on this page, but I think I managed to pull it off without distracting too much from the photo and the message (I hope!)
  • I used my go-to design principle, the visual triangle, but didn't use exactly the same items in each cluster like I would normally do.  Each cluster has a vellum butterfly, some kraft, blue and green, but the actual items vary.
  • I love how this page mixes items that are new, quite new and much older, without feeling at all dated.
  • It also mixes some tried-and-true favourites (like the vellum butterflies) with some less-used and never used items (like the stamps on the tickets)
  • And finally, I love how, even though this is a fairly busy page for me, it's still a very budget-friendly one!   

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