Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scrapbooking one event multiple times #3.

And finally, Maddy's page.

For challenge 8, Shimelle suggests we use a stamp (or set of stamps) we "should use more often".

Where to start.  Many stamps come to mind when I think of stamps I "should use more often".  And I'm quite sure there are plenty more that haven't come to mind that could also see a bit of use.  But let me tell you the particular story of the stamp set I did use on this page . . .

There was no one single purchase that created the need for "craft more, spend less", rather a series of many, many purchases, but there is one which really was the final straw, and that the chain of events which led to me owning  this Kaisercraft "doodled flowers" set.  Back in 2010, Rohan was showing some interest in animation, and I went to Eckersleys looking for animation supplies for his birthday present.  They didn't really have what I was looking for, but the sales assistant did get me very excited about a set of Inktense pencils, which I spent way too much money on.  Of course, before his birthday came around, I had decided I definitely shouldn't give them to him for his birthday, but I loved them so much I ended up keeping them for myself.

To justify their existence, I went looking for something new to colour in, and that's when I bought these stamps.  To date, I have used the pencils (a few times) and the stamps (a few times), but neither have earnt their keep yet, and I'm pretty sure they are yet to be used together!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!

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