Friday, April 6, 2012

Patterned paper only

There's just three of us left at home this Easter weekend; I wish I could say that the one who's gone with his dad to visit the grandparents was going for a bit of quality father-son bonding time, but no-one is pretending it is anything other than the lure of Belco skate park! (Coincidentally, the photos I'm going to show you in a minute were taken on the same day as his late trip to Belco). 

After Good Friday church this morning, I sat down to this week's video from Glitter Girl.  Another topic dear to my heart this week - using patterned paper only and no purchased embellishments.  I took myself straight up to the craft room after lunch for a bit of a first-day-of-school holidays treat.  The photos I decided to use have been sitting with that piece of background paper in my "in progress" folder for ages.  I actually had 3 photos printed out, but I decided to only scrap two of them, Shimelle-style.

Actually, I stuck pretty closely to one of the pages that Shimelle did in the video, only leaving out the strips to the RHS of the photos.  Not that I didn't like the concept- I like it a lot - but my background paper was busy enough, so I turned that space into a title/journalling block. 
It's surprising, given my budget and my mission to banish scraps from my life,  that I don't make embellishments like these windmills more often.  I'll have to remember them again, especially for pages like these which are so boy-heavy.
In the end, I'm not sure that I'm ecstatic with my choice of paper for my windmills, but for now,  a finished page is a finished page!

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