Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scrapbooking one event multiple times #2

Next up is Angus's page.  Which challenge I was doing for this one was a bit of a coin toss, as it could just as easily fit into Challenge 9, take your pick, where you are allowed to "reopen" any old challenge you like.  This could have fit into the Glitter Girl challenge to use up your scraps, or the one to DIY your own embellishments. But yes, I have done both of those previously, so decided to put it under Challenge 2: Mixing papers, the idea being to use 3 or more paper collections. 

Now I promise I've done this, but as I used mainly scraps (except for the yellow mat, which I almost used once before, but only got as far as cutting the branding strip off!) I didn't actually have any labels on these papers!  There's a fair bit of Basic Grey in there, definitely "Out of Print" and "Marakesh", and was there a collection called "Hopscotch" I bought maybe that one sheet of?  I'm pretty sure there's one other BG collection in there as well. There's one sheet that's Kaisercraft, couldn't tell you the collection though, and I have no idea what brand the yellow I used for the matting is.

One more to go!

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